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This track is dope dude, it's very creative and I like the theme!! Your soundscapes are very unique, looking forward to some more music from you!!

comando0110 responds:

Holy tray! you made my day! Glad to be scouted! It means a ilot coming from you because i think like all your tracks are dope or something!! I love you so much right now i could just kiss you in a not at all gay way i think. God bless you and good day sir!

Really like it man keep it up!! Faved and followed you! if you get some time check out my work, could do a collab if your down sometime

Bloxers responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll check out your work. I'm not one to collaborate, though. I work on my own at my own pace. Sorry. But thanks for asking!

Hey dude this is great! Lets you zone out and just chill, great music for when your working on something, or it being in a game would be great!!

5/5 and faved!

~If you get some time check out my music! possibly collab sometime!

zotostap responds:

Thank you a lot for such an appreciation! :-) I have created it 3 years ago

Really amazing cover!! Great melody and rhythm, you play spot on!!

Really like this one to!! Keep it up dude, puts me in my own world!!

Looking forward to working with you!
~ by the way, what DAW do you use?

CorwinWescott responds:

Thank you :)

I've used several throughout the years, But I've always stuck too Fl Studio. I also really like Reason.

Love it!! Has some p
sytrance influences and very atmospheric! Love the beat as well, overall great track dude!! Keep it up!

If you get a chance check out some of our music! Maybe we could do a collab some time!

5/5 Faved, and followed

ZxOOxZ responds:

for sure man def send me a message what not we can talk about it always up for new projects, you can also message me on sound cloud, www.soundcloud.com/zxooxz either way thanks for the review I try to work really hard on the sounds of all my synths i think designing them is def my favorite part.

Lovin the atmosphere!!! 8 bit drums work really well, can't wait to hear the finished version man!! Keep it up bro!

ScrewlooZe responds:

thanks man!

Legit, me and my brother were wondering how you would feel if we (Messen-JaHz) could remix this, got lots of potential, message us back, we can start now.

Indigorain responds:

That would be extremely sick! :D
You have my permission bro! :D:D


dude really good job on the synth work, it gives it that nice atmosphere.


It's good, really needs working on mastering, and expansion.

Hey thank you for checking us out! If you're interested go to our soundcloud for more of our music! https://soundcloud.com/rum_and_monkey

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